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Nova Scotia has 13,300 kilometres of pristine and accessible coastline. The character of the landscape changes dramatically from end to end. Each unique region presents its own magic, its own experiences, its own allure. But no matter what parts of the province you explore, you’ll experience the exact same sense of wonder.

In 1497, after 52 days at sea,

Italian explorer John Cabot spotted the telltale signs of land - soaring gulls, marine mammals, and an altered horizon. many historians believe he soon lay anchor off the coast of what is now known as Nova Scotia. Though a path to Asia still eluded him, he had discovered the New World.

He and his crew came ashore to replenish their fresh water and food stocks. They unfurled a British Royal Standard. Then - perhaps finding no pubs, golf courses, or festivals - they set sail and steered a course for home.

Todays sailors tend to hang around a bit longer.

If John Cabot arrived today, he'd have a much harder time leaving. Some of our most storied golf courses peer magnificently over the edge of the ocean. Thanks to the seas kissing our vineyards, our award-winning wines are the product of a terroir unlike anywhere else. And our luxurious seafood - served at refined urban bistros, quaint pubs, and waterfront huts on the dock - is on offer everywhere you travel. From the bustling modern port city of Halifax, to the living museums of fishing villages that dot the coastline, today's discriminating sailor and cruiser will find an experience as diverse as it is unique. Indulge in a Maritime experience that you will remember long after you sail away.

For further information on itinerary options and marine services please contact: marina@developns.ca.

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Detailed Boating Itineraries

Take a journey of discovery along the inlets and peninsulas of Nova Scotia's shoreline. Each travel region below offers detailed itineraries in 3, 7, and 10 day lengths with information on the locations within the region.

Small Port Communities in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Boating Guide

Produced by Waterfront Development, this e-booklet introduces the province and includes key details such as marinas, charts, tides, and ports in Nova Scotia to help sailors make the most of their visit to Nova Scotia.

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